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Xamarin Forms does Mobile Cross-Platform in Native with C#

If you're looking into getting into cross-platform mobile development, and don't want to learn three separate development environments, Xamarin.Forms is certainly a great way to go.

Xamarin.Forms is a cross-platform UI API that allows developers to program an application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone from one code base. One of the great features of Xamarin.Forms is that it uses the existing features and controls on the platform. For example, creating a button when the application runs on Android results in an Android button and results in a UIButton when running on the iPhone.

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Welcome to the Orgbrat Blog

Well I have finally started a blog so that I can say what I think about many things. But since I spend most of my time programming Microsoft technologies with the C# language, this blog will mostly have a Microsoft .NET flavor to it. I have been programming C# since 2001 and that really seems like a long time but my co-workers still call me the "PUP". Guess I am going to retire with that nickname. Here are a few things that I have been known to throw a little coding at...

I am a Microsoft Certified Application Developer and have recently started the process to acquire a Xamarin Mobile Certification. I worked for BlueScope Buildings for 18 years using the technologies listed above along with a few more. I have now retired from Bluescope Buildings, not sure who will be the "PUP" now. I have made Orgbrat Consulting my full time activity as the Senior Software Engineer.  A fellow has to stay busy, right?

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